The Ideological Politics of Governing the Larger Complex System

The ideological politics of governing the larger complex system.

When governing a large complex system, specific and larger understanding of the pattern to the complex system is critical. Managing a larger private organisation of 100,000 people is totally different methodology to a country of 75 million. Take it for granted that the honest leadership alone can operate such a complex system would be a big mistake.

In a thermodynamics, there are such threshold of temperature when molecules will enter a chaotic stage: the stage that no conventional pattern of behaviour can be applied. Nonetheless implying unpredictable capability but the methodology is simply different. Complexity can not be taken for granted, especially in greater details. All aspect does matter. One thing is related to one another as widely refer as a Butterfly Effect in Chaos Theory.

In a book OUT OF CONTROL by Kevin Kelly, the idea of complex and evolution science is proposed in a form of Nine Laws of God that may help a better understanding on how to governing, or even to ‘revolve’ any complex system into evolution. Some of the following ideas on how to win the political of any complex system began on such references. Also the idea of Simplicity proposed by Edward De Bono was taken into the consideration, every complex system is merely displayed in a simple form. And the last important reference was some dialogue from the motion picture THE MATRIX: Reloaded. The critical idea on how to create the complex system was clearly summarised in a certain part of the movie when The Architect was describing how The Matrix, a complex simulation of global domain, had been fallen some few times and how to improve it.

The following instruction will be a step by step introduction to the concept and methodology necessary for the governing of any large complex system.

For the sake of the evolution.


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