The World Without Bank

In a very near future, the idea of banking will be history.
New Economy is being built on networking platform. Everyone is everything is everywhere. The world will be one market platform with ultimate diversity and endless fringes. You are buying as much as a selling (eBay). Market without singularity but multiplicity. Idea of geological boundary is disappearing and remain only for the sake of diversity. Creativity will be limited and become the highest valuable resource of economic system. Investor and businessperson will become smaller units and integrated with the cohesive Internet network. Middle man is vanishing and banking will be obsolete.
Banking brings speculation to the market: investment to some business that does not exist. 21st century is a century of reality. Once the present day financial complexity can be obsolete by advanced electronic transfer, then, the banking will no longer be needed.
More and more people start spending before they earn. So, what they earn today can be transferred directly to their spending in the past. Saving means how less your debt is forecast now.
Soon it will be proven that the new economy system does not need banking and the idea of bank put the risk of the whole system into a great risk of few people who makes decision. The new economy is so vast and so complex that no longer few singularity can structure it. Financial will be built on hive mind and only then that the banking will be an absolute history.


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