Get Going Now!

Thailand’s most creative economy campaign ever.

Forget about politicians in the time of crisis: they would be too busy with other things. Thailand most creative industries, energetic small medium enterprise and local dynamic economies are getting together for the largest cohesive campaign in the country to bring Thailand back on economic growth. The only way to survive is to Get Going Now!

Thailand economy fundamentals are partly run by creative industries and small medium enterprises. They are substantially strong and comprehensive compare to the rest of Asia, even in the time of this worst modern global economy, as it is now. Although wealth still exists among elites, investors keep their hand off the job because of one simple factor, fear. Economy needs liquidity. And liquidity is vanishing owing only to the psychological fact of all Thai banks being a big yellow chicken.

“Get Going Now!” is a shout from the largest collective number of private sectors telling the world that they are always ready for business. They are still strong and eager to get our engine running, despite the political turmoil and uncertainty. We do not care about politics and we will eventually become a true politics. Forget the unimaginative economists and staying with the creative belief.

We mark it six months from now, without any help from the any respective government, technocrats and economic PhDs. “Get Going Now!” will creatively bring back confidence to Thailand and Southeast Asia faster than any stimulus package in the world without any baht spent form public taxes. Of cause it is unimaginable, only to the uncreative minds.

Why? Because, we always see possibility. We are the core of the engine, the brain inside all industries. We are the group of people who create the diversity in the market. We are the ones who create the mould and break the mould. We are the future and we are not afraid. We know we can always start the engine back again before the running stop. And only we push together that we can get this gigantic machine back on track.

Market is always out there and never disappears; only the coward bankers and large investors do. Get Going Now! will bring together the private investors and customers into a direct connection with creative supplier, small medium enterprises and some local business units. We will create the most dynamic and sophisticated economic network of all time and bring all new economy to the surface without any help from the bureaucratic financial institute or governmental. Present day technology and internet platform will become our logistic and fluidity. And it virtually comes almost free.

Come join us and make the network and campaign become something awesome beyond imagination. With all our hands that belong to sincere business personal, professionals, dreamers and unorthodoxy, we can change the fate of the nation overnights. Quit waiting for the government and technocrats to come up with an idea that may work. Forget the senses from the bankers and their ability to think about the country and not only to themselves. Stop standing there, staring or mourning. Start thinking and do something. Join us, and make Thailand a rapid comeback and:

Get Going Now!


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